Homeowner Loans

At Sky Loans we offer homeowner loans to a wide range of borrowers. We specialise in matching homeowners with our wide panel of lenders to make sure you can get the best secured loan based on your personal circumstances. While we can’t offer guaranteed loan acceptance, we can promise you we will do our best to help everyone who applies to Sky Loans.

It’s important to understand the criteria we look for in a borrower searching for  homeowner loans. Not surprisingly, its vital that you own you’re own home, as we’ll need to secure the loan against the property. You’ll need to be employed or have some sort of fixed income, and it’s vital that you are in a position to be able to afford the loan repayments for the duration of the loan agreement. Finally, you’ll need to be aged at least 18 or over, and from the United Kingdom. Each homeowner loan application is dealt with on an individual basis, and we’ll consider applicants from all backgrounds, regardless of credit history; if you have bad credit but you still need a loan, please get in touch.

Secured Loans

For many people, a loan secured against their home is the perfect way to finance big purchases. Whether it be a loan for a new car, wedding, home improvement, or even a way to consolidate existing debts, you can often find a better APR than those offered on the high street by coming to Sky for a homeowner loan. APR’s now vary based on personal circumstances, that’s why we have designed our loan calculator, so you can get a rough idea of what your repayments will be based on your own personal circumstances. The calculator is for illustrative circumstances only, but by filling in our loan application we can get match you with multiple lenders and give you a clearer understanding of the homeowner loans available to you today.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation is one of the most popular reasons come to us for a secured loan. By using the house as security, it may be possible for a borrower to reduce outgoings on credit cards, store cards, and any other unsecured loans. These types of credit normally have much higher interest rates, and therefore the monthly repayments can be considerably higher. By paying off all the balances on these loans using a secured homeowner loan, you could reduce your monthly payments considerably as well as having the convenience of one simple loan payment to deal with per month.

Bad Credit Homeowner Loans

At Sky Loans we specialise in matching people looking to take out a loan when they have a less than perfect credit history. We have access to a wide range of lenders and financial institutions, and we always discuss your personal circumstances before trying to match you with a suitable loan. For a free no obligation quote, please use this page.




The service I received was polite, informative and helpful. They gave me the homeowner loan quote I needed and the time to consider without aggressive sales follow up. I chose Sky Loans over other competitors as they gave me the reassurance of a “real person” on the end of the phone who actually sought to help me with me. The loan application was processed very speedily.

L.B. – West Sussex

We were always spoken to in a friendly and very professional manner. Sky Loans kept us up to date with what would happen next in our home owner loan application and all paperwork was received promptly. We found them very confident and approachable.

S. & D. A. – Tyne & Wear

The service provided is courteous, friendly, fast and efficient. No messing about! Very honest and straight with regard to the progress of the homeowner loan application. I am very happy and would definitely recommend.

J.E. – Essex